Man apologizes to stranger by purchasing an ad

By Elizabeth Temple - bio | email

LAKE CHARLES, LA (KPLC) – Swallowing your pride and apologizing after your temper flares up is hard enough, but trying to locate a stranger who you offended can make it nearly impossible. Ronald Buster found a unique way to apologize: he took out an ad in the newspaper. It all began after he lost his cool over a long line at the gas station.

"A woman in front of me in line needed help figuring out how to use a card at the gas pump. I had my cash in hand read to pay and get going. I was in such a hurry. The girl inside the kiosk was going to leave the booth and go help a lady on the other end of the gas station. I said, 'oh come on!'"said Buster.

What happened next stuck with Buster for the rest of the day.

"She came around and I heard her say 'someday you'll be 80 too' and I felt like a real heel," explained Buster.

He searched the station for her after filling up, but the woman was gone and so were his chances of apologizing.

"I didn't know the woman. I didn't know how I would go about getting in touch with her and so by the time I had made it home from work I'd decided that I would take an ad out in the paper," said Buster.

A phone call and $20 later he had a weeks worth of classified ads reading, "To the 'someday you'll be 80, too' lady at the Kroger gas station 12/1/10. Please forgive my impatience. I should never be in such a hurry. I'm so sorry."

"I've always had a problem with lines, red lights, waiting at the DMV and that kind of thing," explained Buster, "I determined immediately that, that would be my New Years' resolution."

He has kept all the classified sections hoping the mystery woman might respond.

"I was hoping that people would see it and maybe just take a deep breath and slow down just a little bit," said Buster.

Buster hopes she hears his apology saying again, "I'm sorry and should never have been so impatient. I hope you have wonderful holidays."

A holiday wish for patience that he expects to catch on.

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