Recognizing the first signs of Alzheimer's

By Elizabeth Temple - bio | email

LAKE CHARLES, LA (KPLC) –  Heading home for the holidays can be bittersweet when you notice your parents going through the early stages of Alzheimer's. Neal Rider, Administrator at the Guardian House, says the holidays are a prime time for family members to notice a change.

"Yards not kept like it used to be, the house is not kept like it used to be, the refrigerator's full of spoiled food and a lot of times it's the bills that aren't being paid," said Rider.

Lila Hicks first noticed her father's short-term memory loss on a visit home. "He was going to the convenience store to get some gasoline and he brought back diesel. He said, 'well I thought y'all told me to get diesel.' That's when I realized there was something a little bit different," said Hicks.

Nine months later he fell on the stairs at home. "We realized we were playing with fire," said Hicks about her family's decision to move him to an assisted living center.

"In that nine months the quality of life can be so much more when they're active with other seniors and they can socialize," said Rider. Hicks emphasized that the family members must all cooperate and do what feels right for them saying, "Dad taught us always to do the right thing and I think we did the right thing."

For more information on assisted living call the Guardian House at (337) 480-1550.

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