Welsh police chief wants detective fired

By Brandon Richards- bio | email

WELSH, LA (KPLC-TV) – It's a brewing controversy that's led formerly embattled Welsh Police Chief Tommy Chaisson to call for the firing of one of his department's detectives.

Welsh Police Detective Arthur Phillips has been accused of multiple wrongdoings, including sexual battery and assault, using foul language while in the presence of minors and drinking alcohol in his patrol unit.

There is also an additional allegation from Chief Chaisson's estranged wife, Donna Chaisson, whom herself was recently convicted of distributing drugs, that she sold drugs to Detective Phillips and that the two of them even carried on a personal relationship.

Phillips denies all of these allegations and says he never had a personal relationship with Donna Chaisson.

State police were called in to investigate the allegations against Phillips. But state police tell 7 News that the matter has been turned back over to the Welsh Police Department after they determined no criminal investigation into Phillips' conduct was needed.

Nevertheless, Chief Chaisson said Phillips still violated department policy and should be fired.

But the Welsh town council has postponed the matter until January. Mayor Carolyn Louivere said aldermen needed more time to make a fair decision.

KPLC tried talking with Phillips to get more of his side of the story; however Chief Chaisson ordered Phillips not to talk with any members of the media, even though Chaisson allowed Phillips to give interviews to Welsh and Lake Charles newspapers.


On Friday, Chief Chaisson canceled an interview he had with KPLC to deal with personnel matters.

One rumor floating around is that Chaisson demoted Phillips to dispatcher. However, Chaisson says that's not true and any action disciplinary action would have to be approved by aldermen.

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