Keep your cat healthy this holiday

By Elizabeth Temple - bio | email


Your feline friend may see new tasty treats around the holidays to chew or ingest, but ornaments and ribbon can cause serious damage to the digestive system. Doctors have to surgically remove foreign objects, said Dr. Jae Chang, veterinarian from Dr. Farr's Veterinary Clinic. Cats like anything shiny, stringy or sparkling, explained Dr. Chang, so try to put those at the top of a tree or mantle. But it's what is under the tree that could pose a more serious problem: the water.

"It's not toxic per say, but it could make them sick. You'll want to cover that water pan with something," suggested Dr. Chang.

Open doors with guests coming in-and-out can give fluffy a chance to make a run for it. Dr. Chang recommends locking your pet in a room during a busy gathering and keeping your pet's collar on at all times to avoid a runaway.

You do not want to leave your cat out when it comes time to open presents. Many cats love catnip, but Dr. Chang says it comes with side effects.

"It makes them go crazy…makes them run around…gets them really excited. It's not going to hurt them though," explained Dr. Chang.

He also said to keep your kitties' paws toasty this season to bring in them inside the house or a garage at night.

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