December 8, 2010 - Glen Parker

December 8, 2010 – Glen Parker

By John Bridges - bio | email

WESTLAKE, LA (KPLC) - When Charles Glen Parker arrived in Europe during World War Two, he immediately experienced the casualties of war.

"When we got to England before we moved up to France, in the 97th General Hospital, I saw men with their legs off," said Parker.  "I wasn't but 19.  Arms off, legs off.  Their eyes were out."

Parker was a member of the Army Medical Corps and served in field hospitals in England, France and Germany.

"I learned it's better to help somebody as you go through life than it is to be shooting at somebody and I never did have to do that."

His unit stayed on the move, tailing Allied troops as they moved into Nazi territory.  He has shared his experience with students in Calcasieu Parish.

"It made me feel good.  I know it did then because I've got hundreds of thank-you letters from them."

Parker says it's important that people hear the stories from World War Two veterans.

"I think you ought to be an example of the believer of the word of truth and you have to work with these people and let them know that it's a better life ahead."

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