Jurors still tackling coyote problem

By Theresa Schmidt - bio | email

LAKE CHARLES, LA.(KPLC) -Jurors have been going round and round over the coyote problem for a while now and some are hesitant to hire new employees or spend money on a problem exerts say just is not going to go away. Says juror Claude Syas, "An approach doesn't necessarily mean hiring someone. The study that we're looking at is manageable. So if you manage it it doesn't necessarily mean you have to hire someone else."

In these fiscally tight times jurors are pleased to get a nod from the Tea Party for budget cuts.. Tea party member Mark Parham complimented them.  "I'd like to thank every department for coming in ten per cent below last year. We're very pleased."

Yet the same tea party people say they understand the U.S. Department of Agriculture will provide nuisance animal help.  Said Parham, "You hire a federal organization to do it. They have the division, they are trained, they have the manpower, they have the equipment,. He told me he will pick the person, hire him full time."

Parish officials plan to check into that. Still, police jurors okayed allowing up to $35,000 thousand dollars to try to use contract trappers, do more public education and buy traps. As well they'll be keeping tabs on the number of calls and complaints they get in order to get a better grasp of the problem and report back in April of next year. Explains juror Chris Landry, "We decided not to spend that much money. We were trying to spend the least amount that we can but still move forward with it."

Also, jurors approved the budget for next year which comes up for final adoption December 16th

Also jurors got a presentation on The National Hurricane Museum and Science Center will be built somewhere in the gulf south.  So, why not the Lake Charles Lakefront? They showed a video and made a presentation to Calcasieu Police Jurors tonight who agree with the concept.

The idea is to create a center so breathtaking it would attract hundreds of thousands of families, students, visitors and scientists each year.

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