New laws for livestock owners

By Adam Hooper - bio | email

LAKE CHARLES, LA (KPLC) - Livestock owners within the city limits of Lake Charles must now comply with two new city ordinances. Horses can only be ridden along a city street during a planned, organized event. Before the horse is allowed to participate a permit must be obtained by the rider, from the city. Also, at the riders expense someone must follow behind the horse to pick up any droppings.

"We've had that situation where you've got manure droppings all over the place, and it's an unsanitary situation," said City Councilman, Marshall Simien.

The City Council also passed an ordinance focusing on the housing of livestock. To avoid having to obtain a permit livestock must be kept on 100 acres of land or more. Also, if the land housing the livestock is less than 100 acres people living within a 1 mile radius, with a valid concern, will be able to bring it to the City Council. Horses must be at least 300 feet away from a neighboring house, and 150 feet away from another property line. A written pass can be obtained from a neighbor stating that the livestock poses no threat, only then would the restrictions not apply.

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