Restaurants cook for a "night out" of Gulf seafood

By Crystal Price - bio | email

LAKE CHARLES, LA (KPLC) - Restaurants around the country are participating in the first "America's Night out for the Gulf."

The purpose of the event is to show customers that seafood from the Gulf of Mexico is safe to eat.

All of the participating restaurants served special dishes that included either fish, oysters, shrimp or crabs taken from the Gulf of Mexico.

Pujo Street Cafe in Lake Charles is one of more than 200 restaurants taking part in the nationwide event.

"It sounded like a good opportunity for us and we thought we should participate," said David Yantix, the chef of Pujo Street Cafe.

Yantix said seafood sales at the cafe plummeted after the BP oil spill.

"We did experience some reluctance of people eating certain items,

Thus Yantix and the other staff at Pujo Street Cafe are hoping to convince all customers that seafood is safe.

"There's nothing wrong with the seafood we're getting now," said Yantix. "We're making a bold statement with that tonight."

Yantix said that not only is seafood a major component of restaurant business, but it is also an integral part of Louisiana culture.

"We live here, this is our home," said Yantix. "We have an abundance of seafood that comes from the Gulf. People need to understand that although we have had the crisis in the Gulf, that we've overcome it and we're moving forward."

More than 275 restaurants nationwide participated in the event. Other restaurants in Lake Charles that participated include The Fat Cat Cafe, Jack Daniels Restaurant, La Truffe Sauvage, Le Cafe.

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