Kennedy discusses state budget in Lake Charles

By Crystal Price - bio | email

LAKE CHARLES, LA (KPLC) - State Treasurer John Kennedy made a stop in Lake Charles on Wednesday to speak about his plan to balance the state budget.

Kennedy talked with the Lake Charles Kiwanis Club on Wednesday at the Harlequin Steak House.

Kennedy discussed his plan to restructure the Louisiana's budget without destroying health care and higher education. The state official will also discussed different ways he plans to save the state $2.64 billion.

"What we need to do is number one, don't raise taxes," said Kennedy. "I have recommended that we just not fill a third of the vacant state jobs each year for the next three years. This way no one is fired or laid off. That would save somewhere between 400 and 600 million dollars a year."

According to a Southern Media & Opinion Research Poll, Kennedy has surpassed Governor Jindal as the most popular politician in the state.

Kennedy adds he has no plans to run for governor. The state official said he is proud to be the State Treasurer and he plans to run for re-election.

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