Police release store video of alleged toy thief

By Theresa Schmidt - bio | email

SULPHUR, LA. (KPLC) - This is the man Sulphur Police believe stole toys collected by Toys for Tots Friday night at Sulphur store locations. He has dark hair and was wearing a navy blue shirt. He is on video removing the toy box and then returning the empty box to the store, a Walgreens in Sulphur. And police have video of the white van he was driving, on video at Walmart,. You can see him bring two bags of toys outside and drive away.

Both the Calcasieu Sheriff's Department and Sulphur Police are investigating reports of stolen toys. In Sulphur, Chief Chris Abrahams says the man went to two Walgreens and Walmart early Friday evening. "Gentleman walked into the store, told the management that he was with Toys for Tots Foundation and was there to pick up the toys. They obviously let him take the toys and leave Friday evening. Saturday morning they obviously realized that gentleman was not with the Toys for Tots Foundation."

Sheriff Tony Mancuso says they're still trying to sort out the facts and how many sites from which toys were stolen. "Friday the Marine Corps volunteers went and checked and it looked like the toy drive was going really well. Saturday when they went to pick up the toys they were told somebody had already come to pick them up and it was not one of their volunteers. So, right now, as far as our investigation, we're trying to see if there is any surveillance tape at these locations. It takes a pretty low person in our society to do something like this."

Anyone who has information that could help identify the man in the picture or the white van should call Sulphur Police or the Calcasieu Sheriff's Department.

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