Travelers trying not to let the bed bugs bite

By Crystal Price - bio | email

LAKE CHARLES, LA (KPLC) - Holiday travelers are not only booking flights and hotel rooms this Thanksgiving, but they are also making sure their travel destinations do not include bed bugs.

According to J & J Exterminating, the bed bug infestation continues to spread nationwide and the hot spot for bed bugs are hotels.

"Hotels are more likely for bed bugs because you have the transition of people constantly coming in and coming out," said Gerard Brown with J & J Exterminating. "Bed bugs are so easily transferable and a lot of times you don't even know that you've picked them up."

However, Brown said there are things travelers can do to check out the hotel room before they decide to stay there.

"The wisest thing to do is when you enter the room you should pull the sheets off and look at the seams in areas of your mattresses and search for any sign of the bugs," said Brown. "After the inspection if you see a problem the greatest thing would be at that point in time is to get with that hotel manager, try to either switch rooms or switch your reservations to a different hotel."

Marianne Schierloh is a world traveler from Lake Charles who has stayed in several of hotels in her lifetime; and her family has experienced their share of bed bugs

"My husband actually experienced some sort of infection from a bug bite," said Schierloh.

However, Schierloh said she always inspects the room thoroughly before she decides to stay there. The Lake Charles native also said she is not going to let the bed bug infestation get in the way of her traveling.

"This is a mobile society and we have to get around to see our friends and loved ones," said Schierloh.

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