Pinnacle Entertainment sues former CEO

By Adam Hooper - bio | email

LAKE CHARLES, LA (KPLC) - Pinnacle Entertainment has filed a lawsuit against the company's former CEO, Dan Lee. In the lawsuit, Pinnacle was seeking an injunction prohibiting Dan Lee and his company, Creative Casinos LLC, from competing with Pinnacle for one year. A Nevada district court denied Pinnacle's request despite their allegations that Dan Lee violated nondisclosure and nonsolicitation of employee provisions.

Dan Lee tells 7 News the lawsuit was an attempt by Pinnacle to kill any competition and prevent him from developing Mojito Pointe. Lee said there was a non-compete clause in his contract with Pinnacle Entertainment, but it only applied to him if he was fired for a cause or if he voluntarily resigned.  Lee said when he was terminated without cause last year, the agreement did not apply.

Pinnacle said while their injunction was denied they will try to strengthen their case and may soon file another lawsuit against Lee.

"Dan was paid a lot of money under that agreement, and he is subject to certain requirements that feel he has breeched. It is not over with. The judge did grant a request for discovery, and Mister Lee's attorney agreed with that," said Jack Godfrey, legal counsel to Pinnacle Entertainment.

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