Williams pleads guilty, sentenced to life in prison

Lee Roy Williams, Jr. (Source: EBRPSO)
Lee Roy Williams, Jr. (Source: EBRPSO)

By Theresa Schmidt - bio | email

LAKE CHARLES, LA (KPLC) - Just hours after a grand jury indicted Lee Roy Williams on four counts of first degree murder, he pleaded guilty in court on Tuesday afternoon and was sentenced to four consecutive life sentences in prison.

It's practically unheard of for a murder suspect to be indicted, plead guilty and receive his sentence all on the same day--the case of Williams, now convicted of four counts of first degree murder in the killings at Fairview Estates Mobile Home Park Labor Day weekend.

Williams admits he killed Kendrick Lavergne, Jessica Eugene, Terry Banks and Crystal Fruge inflicting multiple injuries with different weapons on some. Family members of the victims say swift justice will help bring them peace and healing.

During  an impromptu interview outside the courthouse several family members shared their reaction.  Bridgette Rene Banks is Terry Bank's mother.  She said, "Somehow we have a little peace now and we got some justice out of all this."

Janet Lewis is Kendrick Lavergne's mother.  She said, "Prolonging this wouldn't have done the family any good and wouldn't have made anything any better. I'm glad that Lee Roy got the sentence that he got and he'll have to deal with his conscience now and with the Lord."

Terry Banks' Aunt Brenda Banks Minor addressed Williams in the courtroom saying, "Mr. Williams you destroyed four families. And I forgive him. May God bless him and have mercy on his life."

And they are satisfied with life in prison rather than a death sentence. Terry Banks' father,  Terry Davis says, "Angola's a cold, dark treacherous place. He'll be right at home."

Terry Banks cousin, Mary Leger says, "We're satisfied with that. God gave us life and to me, he's the only one to take life. So, to me, everything worked out the way it should have."

Williams used a gun, knife and baseball bat in the killings after flying into a fit of rage apparently because he was about to be put out of Fruge's trailer where he was living. Now that there's no trial we asked what authorities know about what may have triggered Williams violent massacre.  Said District Attorney John DeRosier, "He simply got extremely aggravated and extremely angry at these four people. I know that he had been smokin' crack and in his words he snapped."

Sheriff Tony Mancuso agrees. "He just went off and again he was high and he just snapped and lost it and did what he did."

It may have been the possibility of a death sentence the caused him to decide to plead guilty. Said DeRosier:  "I guess he doesn't like the idea of the death penalty staring him in the face."

Just before being sentenced to four consecutive life terms Williams spoke in a soft spoken voice as he turned and addressed family members saying that he's very sorry for what he did and adding that he asks god to forgive him.

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