Man arraigned in deadly crash on Hwy 165

By Lee Peck - bio | email

LAKE CHARLES, LA (KPLC) - Six months after the deadly crash that claimed the life of his wife Sheila and the driver of another vehicle, Roy Serie was arraigned on two charges of vehicular homicide and one charge of first degree negligent injuring. Toxicology tests show Serie was impaired May 5th when he crossed the median of Highway 165 and hit Shannon Cox's SUV head on. Shannon was killed instantly. Her passenger Beth Zilbert is speaking publicly about the accident for the first time.

"One minute my friend was there - full of life and happy. Literally, suddenly the world just started going end over end. Once the car finally stopped and I looked down, my friend is gone I never lost consciousness. I was there when she passed," recalled Beth.

Amazingly Beth escaped death, but not without serious injuries. With her left arm broken and crushed, Beth was unable to continue her work for four months at the Peoples Advocate - a group she and Shannon co-founded to represent the less fortunate. Now back on the job, Beth says she's still coming to grips with what happened.

"I question why it wasn't me taken that day. That's just taking an awfully long time to figure out how to get over and move past," said Beth.

Part of the process was confronting Serie. Although no words were exchanged, Beth was there for his arraignment and says she'll continue to be there as the case moves forward.

"In part to help me, put the pieces of my life back together and move on. Although just following this process along is not going to do that," said Beth.

Throwing herself into her work and the cause her friend and colleague believed in, Beth works to make the world a better place.

"I'm still here. I can still do that. I can do that now for the both of us. I can help people," said Beth.

No word on if a trial date has been set for Serie.

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