Police jurors to tackle coyote problem

By Theresa Schmidt - bio | email

LAKE CHARLES, LA (KPLC) - Nuisance animals are a growing problem in Calcasieu Parish and some police jurors are determined to find a way to at least try to address the problem.

A committee is meeting at this hour to begin tackling the issue of coyotes that attack and other feral animals as well.

We hear a lot of coyotes all the time. They're always out there. Tory is Debbie LaRocca's new puppy. And while Debbie is very fond of her she says she'll never take the place of the one recently killed by a coyote. "I didn't think i could be so devastated to lose an animal but she was like a baby to me. She slept with me. She was my child. My youngest son knew how devastated I was and he went out and bought me another yorkie. So, i do have another dog but that doesn't replace Harley."

Debbie and her husband Randy live off Elliot road where there have been other pets killed by coyotes. She hardly brings her pets outside anymore."She's not allowed outside at all. My older dog, she's a rat terrier, she's used to running the neighborhood once it starts getting dark. Both dogs are in the house. If they need to use the bathroom we've got pee pads out for them now. I'm not going to take a chance because my other dog, I've had her for thirteen years."

Nuisance animals are a growing menace from coyotes and alligators and increasingly wild pigs which reproduce faster. Police juror Guy Brame is all too familiar with the coyote problem. "On my street alone I know that two dogs have been killed by coyotes and been witnessed by the owners along with four cats also, just on my street and there are only fifteen houses on my street."

He's on the newly formed police jury committee working on solutions.  "I just don't want to wake up one morning and hear something on the news that somebody's been attacked by a coyote. It's something we have to address."

Any committee recommendations will go to the full police jury for a vote.

The committee is meeting at this hour at the Calcasieu Police jury meeting room. For tips on keeping coyotes away from your property click here.

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