Sex sells even during tough times

by Brandon Richards bio | email

LAKE CHARLES, LA (KPLC-TV) – The struggling economy has forced many Americans to give up things like vacation and doctor visits, but they're not cutting back on sex.

As a result the sex industry is thriving, at least when compared to many other sectors of the economy. For instance, online retailers report higher earnings when it comes to the sale of sex toys.

According to a recent report by Indiana University, more couples are finding new ways to experiment in the bedroom. Purchasing sex toys and other sex-related items is one way for them to take their minds off being unemployed or underemployed.

The folks at Simple Pleasures in Lake Charles aren't surprised that sex sells even during a recession.

"We're doing pretty good considering the economy," said store manager Miranda Murphy. "We have our regulars who come here, who are here once a week, once a month and then we have new people everyday who say 'I didn't even know you guys were here.'"

Murphy said her store sees most of its business in the spring, but they are expecting higher sales in December, as people purchase last-minute Christmas gifts.

Murphy said the top-selling items in the store are DVDs.

"It spices up their relationship, saves marriages," said Murphy. "Some people love us; some people hate us [but] sex is human nature."

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