Molestation suspect described as child predator

By Theresa Schmidt - bio | email

SULPHUR, LA.(KPLC) -A Sulphur man police characterize as a child predator is under arrest for alleged sexual crimes against children and investigators believe there could be more victims not yet identified.

Police with Sulphur and the State of Louisiana want people to take a good look at the man's picture. Twenty five year old Andrew Joseph Fusilier, also known as A. J. Right now Fusilier is in the Sulphur jail-- but in all there are four different police agencies investigating him including Tampa, Florida where they say a twelve year old child was solicited on line.

Detective Michael Mallett with State Police Special Crimes Unit says Fusilier admits his intent. " I interviewed Mr. Fusilier and he advised that,  yes,  he had made inappropriate comments and sent lewd pictures of himself and requested it of a twelve year old and that he was trying to coerce the twelve year old here, that he would pay her way so, he would, he would want to have sex with a twelve year old female."

Sulphur and State Police held a joint news conference on Fusilier who's been booked for aggravated sexual contact with a child and computer aided solicitation of a minor. But police suspect there are more victims. Explains Detective Lane Matte with Sulphur Police. " If parents recognize this man's photograph then they need to call. If they believe their child may have had any contact with this man they need to call even if they think it may not be of any importance it may be. We have resources at the Child Advocacy Center to talk with these children in a controlled, secure environment, in a child safe environment. And that's how these interviews are conducted."

Police are vague about circumstances that might have allowed Fusilier to have access to children. He worked at a grocery store but police confirm he lived with his mother and that he had contact with children in the home where he lived. Says Matte, "He was residing with someone in a certain line of work and it afforded him the opportunity to come in contact with many children. I really can't give out more detail than that."

At this point, Fusilier is being held in Sulphur jail with bond set at $1 million dollars by Judge Mike Canaday.

Anyone who may have more information on Fusilier should call Sulphur Police detectives at 527-4500.

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