LA Lt. Governor candidates make last minute stops on election day

By Crystal Price - bio | email

LAKE CHARLES, LA (KPLC) - Candidates for the Lieutenant Governor seat spent November 2nd making last minute campaign stops throughout the state of Louisiana.

Democratic candidate Caroline Fayard made a stop at State Representative A. B. Franklin's office in Lake Charles at 2 p.m. on Tuesday.

Fayard spent an hour talking with residents in the area and held a live radio campaign broadcast on 104.9 FM.

Fayard is gearing her campaign toward keeping jobs, rebuilding tourism, and making sure that the cultural economy continues to grow.

Although her Republican opponent Jay Dardenne may have more experience in Louisiana, Fayard believes a fresh start may be what the state needs.

"Certainly I am against a veteran politician and I don't necessarily think that experience has gotten Louisiana where it needs to be," said Fayard. "I can offer a fresh face of ideas and a positive perspective on everything we need to be doing in the state of Louisiana and I think the voters are responding to that."

Republican Opponent Jay Dardenne was also making some last minute campaign stops in Baton Rouge on November 2nd.

Dardenne said he believes his experience in Louisiana will work toward his advantage in this race.

"Obviously I've been on the ballot before and it runs statewide so that helps with any recognition that certainly is a bit of a benefit," said Dardenne.

But since this is a new race for both Dardenne and Fayard alike, Dardenne said he is confident voters will pick the right candidate for the job.

"People tend to look at each race differently and evaluate the candidates and compare them and I hope they'll do that," said Dardenne. "I hope they've been doing that in this race and that they've been looking at our backgrounds and experiences to see who is the best person to be in this position."

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