Investigators search for paranormal activity in the lake area

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LAKE CHARLES, LA - A team of paranormal investigators search for ghost activity at a 19th century home near downtown Lake Charles.

Valerie Smith lives in a historic home on 6th Street that once belonged to the Pithon family in the late 1800s.

Smith said she has experienced paranormal activity since she moved in to the home six years ago.

"We just always felt like something else was there," said Smith.

Smith's experiences include the doorbell ringing at odd times and the knocking over of different objects in her home.

"The most unusual thing that ever happened here was when my daughter-in-law misplaced her day planner," said Smith. "All of a sudden the canvas wardrobe fell and her day planner was behind the wardrobe."

After experiencing these different occurrences, Smith decided to look to the Louisiana Spirits organization for help.

Louisiana Spirits is a statewide group paranormal investigators with a Southwest Louisiana chapter that consists of four members.

The team uses cameras, audio recorders, EMF detectors, and their own voices to communicate with other paranormal beings that might be present in the room.

In one investigation the team was able to get a response from an unknown being when the investigators questioned the paranormal's name.

The unknown responder replied, "Pithon."

In other instances LA Spirit investigators asked for a knock in return and received two knocks from an unknown responder just seconds later.

Despite the documentation of paranormal activity in her home, Smith said she welcomes the ghost that she has nicknamed Ethel.

"It doesn't bother me, I sleep pretty well at night knowing Ethel is here," said Smith. "I just think it's very interesting and it's fun having them come in and investigate and to see their findings. Just kind of makes me feel like what I thought possibly is."

Aaron Benoit, president of the SWLA LA Spirits group, said his motive for the investigations is to provide documentation that paranormal activity does exist.

"It helps them feel a whole lot better about themselves to know that they're not going crazy, that it's actually happening," said Benoit.

For information on how to get an investigation done in your home, click on "LA Spirits" to the right.

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