Senior Report: Jane Pauley in Lake Charles

By Theresa Schmidt - bio | email

LAKE CHARLES, LA (KPLC) - It's hard to think of Jane Pauley as a senior citizen, yet this Halloween she'll turn sixty.

Pauley was in Lake Charles for the Fall Conference for Women.  For many people she's an icon in the world of broadcast journalism and Pauley's long and distinguished career is taking a new turn even now -- a segment on the Today Show called: Your Life Calling. She explains, "Your Life Calling might mean that idea of being called to something, a destiny or something or it might just be a wake up call about your life."

As the keynote speaker at the conference she spoke of failure and how in her life it's been the key to success. "Trying times are a great time to be trying things and we talked about that failures can sometimes be where we learn the most from. Failure is an opportunity."

Pauley is favorably impressed with Southwest Louisiana and has uplifting words for people here. "There is nothing like this coastal area that Louisiana represents a national treasure. Just the cultural heritage is like nothing anywhere else. As a daughter of Indianapolis, I so wanted the Saints to win the Super bowl."

As Jane Pauley approaches her 60th birthday on Halloween, well, for her, it's nothing to dread. Reporter: What are your thoughts about this big birthday coming up? Pauley kids, "Which birthday are we talking about? No, I have never been self conscious about how old I was. When the day comes, who knows how I'll feel but I think that I was less comfortable about forty than I was about fifty, and I think I'm okay about sixty. It is better than fifty. I know I feel better, look better, I'm optimistic and my husband is still older than I am."

Pauley is the author of a book called, A Life Out of the Blue -- which discusses her diagnosis of mental illness at the age of fifty. She is considered a powerful advocate for those with mental illness.

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