Prize scammers target consumers

By Theresa Schmidt - bio | email

LAKE CHARLES, LA (KPLC) - Everyone wants to think it's true if someone calls to say they've won Publishers' Clearinghouse Sweepstakes, but scammers often use that premise as a ploy to steal from people.

But one alert man refused to be a victim. Kenneth Walker received a call Monday from a person who claimed they were with Publisher's Clearinghouse. He was told he had won $800,000 and a car but that in order to collect he had to pay them $250.

He just wants others to be aware of the scam - especially elderly who may fall victim.

Officials with the Southwest Louisiana Better Business Bureau say one sure fire way to tell if you win is if they show up at your house with balloons, cameras and a check on Super Bowl Sunday!  Otherwise, be suspicious.

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