Goudeau sentenced to life in prison

By Theresa Schmidt - bio | email

LAKE CHARLES, LA (KPLC) - Ivan Goudeau appeared before the court for sentencing still denying that he committed the crime. However, Judge Mike Canaday finds there is sufficient evidence for the jury to have convicted Goudeau. Canaday gave Goudeau the maximum sentence for the crimes for which he's been convicted-- on aggravated rape it's mandatory life in prison and for attempted second degree murder, fifty years.

First Assistant District Attorney Cynthia Killingsworth says Goudeau has shown no remorse. "Mr. Goudeau has a criminal history that is quite lengthy. There are violent crimes in his past. This was a very, very violent crime. One of the worst I've seen in a while as far as multiple injuries to the victim and the cruelty that he used in doing the crime and it was just one to me that cried out for a maximum penalty."

The defense attorney declined to be interviewed, but in court, in asking for less than the maximum sentence, described Goudeau as remorseful for past criminal acts and wasting his life. However Killingsworth describes Goudeau as dangerous and one who would probably do it again if ever released. She says the victim underwent a horrific ordeal. "She thought he was a friend and he took advantage of that friendship. And she'll be scarred for life. She has scars all over her body from the knife wounds. From a mental standpoint anybody who has been through what she has been through is scarred for life in that regard as well."

After sentencing, Goudeau continued denying he committed the crime. He's expected to serve the rest of his natural life in prison.   A motion for a new trial was denied.

A jury found Goudeau guilty of the two charges in State District Court on October 8.

During the trial, jurors viewed photographs of the injuries the victim suffered. They also heard testimony from a nurse who treated the victim at the hospital.

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