Neighbors call old Jeff Davis High School an eyesore

by Brandon Richards bio | email

JENNINGS, LA (KPLC-TV) – Some say it's become an eyesore, perhaps even a health risk.

Now, they want it gone.

Residents who live near the old Jeff Davis High School in south Jennings want either the owner or the City to demolish the remaining structure on the property.

"I think it needs to be completely torn down," said Katie Rochelle, a resident who lives within a stone's throw from the abandoned building.

In a recent city council meeting, neighbors told council members they were concerned that the structure was not only an eyesore in their neighborhood, but may even pose health risks. Specifically, there was concern over the possibility of asbestos flowing through the air to nearby homes.

"I'm afraid with a strong wind blowing, it could blow in my direction," said Rochelle, whose husband was a former principal back when it was a segregated school for African-American students.

But according to a report in the Jennings Daily News, the owner showed council members proof from an environmental study that structure posed no immediate health threat to nearby residents.

The Jennings City Council decided to give the owner six months to decide what to do with the structure. Afterward, the City may condemn the structure and demolish it.

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