MSU students and staff prep for Saturday's game

By Crystal Price - bio | email

LAKE CHARLES, LA (KPLC) - Students and faculty at McNeese State University are making preparations for Saturday's game against LSU.

The Student Union Office is sponsoring a student bus trip to the MSU vs. LSU game on Saturday and the crew spent all day Friday making preparations.

These preparations include unloading more than 100 game shirts and snack sacks for students who signed up to go on the bus trip to the game on Saturday.

McNeese officials said they had 109 seats for the bus trip that went sold out within one month.

"It's just really exciting that McNeese is getting to play against LSU," said Jessica White, president of the Student Union Board at McNeese. "It should be really fun and exciting for everyone."

But students are not the only ones excited about the game, as one biology professor at McNeese is torn between the two teams.

"I love McNeese and I teach at McNeese," said Dr. Connie Kersten, a biology professor at McNeese. "But I graduated from LSU so I'm kind of conflicted on who to support."

Kersten decided one way to show spirit for both teams was by making a shirt that is half and half.

"I cut them in half, stapled them together, and covered the staples with duck tape," said Kersten.

But she said behind the shirt, she's decided who she really wants to win.

"I want McNeese to win," said Kersten. "It's because I love McNeese so much. I know it sounds trite but I love my students and I love teaching."

Though at one time Kersten was an LSU girl, she said she's happy to root on the college she now calls home.

"My loyalty lies with McNeese now," said Kersten.

The MSU Cowboys will take on the LSU Tigers at LSU stadium at 6 p.m. on Saturday, October 16th.

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