Senior Report: Stained glass artistry

By Theresa Schmidt - bio | email

LAKE CHARLES, LA. (KPLC) -The beauty of light passing through stained glass can be breathtaking to behold and Frank Thompson is the artist responsible for many of the outstanding church windows in Southwest Louisiana and beyond. "The original intent of stained glass in the middle ages was to tell stories of the Bible to those who couldn't read. And this started many, many years ago. Well, today stained glass has branched out into a lot of more secular type settings but most of the inspiration that I get comes from the ecclesiastical setting which is in a church."

In the same way that some cooks refuse to share their recipes, some stained glass artists are reluctant to teach others. But not Frank. He wants to pass along what he has mastered and uses to create art that brings so much inspiration to others. "You can build a stained glass window that looks pretty. But you can build one that speaks to the soul. That has some inner beauty you really can't attain any other way. So, anything that I can do to inspire people to worship God or to get closer to the Lord really charges me up."

He and his son are working on an online training program he hopes will help to hand down the skills and trade that has in large part become his life's work. "Stained glass gives such beauty to an otherwise gray and dreary world, that it needs to live on."

For now Thompson works on his various projects that will likely delight onlookers for years to come while at the same time hoping to inspire budding artists who will carry on for future generations.

For more on Frank Thompson's art and plans for online instruction  click here.

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