State Police: Jennings detail ongoing

By Lee Peck - bio | email

LAKE CHARLES, LA (KPLC) - It was a rash of shootings, stabbings and drug-related crimes that brought State Police to the south side of Jennings. "There was a lot of crime - solved and unsolved," said Carolyn.

Like the unsolved deaths of eight women, all of whom frequented the area in and around South Main - a street which over the years had turned into an all night party gone way out of control.

"I didn't feel it was safe for my family to be around this and I've tried to get them to leave the area," said Carolyn.

Carolyn grew up on South Main. She still has family here and was relieved when State Police stepped in at the request of concerned citizens in Jennings.

"While the cops were patrolling and parked in the area there was not the bad crowds that was out there. Seemed like the crowds disappeared," recalled Carolyn.

The patrols and extra detail started in March and has paid off.

"During that short period of time we were there actively patrolling with the uniformed divisions we made 58 criminal arrests and we arrested 10 fugitives," explained Captain Chris Guillory, Louisiana State Police Troop D.

Troopers involved in the operation were recognized Wednesday for getting drugs and dealers off the streets. On hand Jeff Davis Parish District Attorney Michael Cassidy.

"Cases that have been handed to us by State Police - we have video, audio, great testimony, great evidence. We are very confident we will get convictions where we are going to keep some major drug dealers off the streets of Jennings for a very long time," said Cassidy.

That's good news to Carolyn who says, "That needs to continue to keep this town safe. And maybe those guys the bad guys will go somewhere else."

Meanwhile beware: just because you don't see them doesn't mean they are not there. "I want to reassure the people of Jennings that the troopers haven't just stopped and gone away. They are continuing to work as a team effort with local law enforcement to make sure things don't get out of hand again," said Cassidy.

From the 68 arrests, authorities have filed 74 criminal charges in state and federal court.

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