Rape victim testifies about horrific attack

By Theresa Schmidt - bio | email & Brandon Richards bio | email

LAKE CHARLES, LA (KPLC) - The woman who was brutally stabbed and raped, allegedly by Ivan Goudeau, took the witness stand this morning to tell of her horrific ordeal.

The woman tearfully described in graphic detail how Goudeau stabbed, raped, choked and left her for dead in the woods in Mossville;  and then, she testified, how when he realized she was still alive,  he did it again.

Goudeau is on trial in State District Court for aggravated rape and attempted murder.

After faking death and waiting in the woods,  until she was sure her attacker had left, a witness told how the woman, cut up, bloodied and naked, except for her bra, began screaming and banging on his door for help around 3 a.m. April 16th of last year.

Witness Wilton Carrier says he and his wife gave the woman clothes and called 911 operators who sent deputies and an ambulance.

In opening statements, defense attorneys told jurors things are not always as they seem and that Ivan Goudeau's life was in their hands.  Defense attorney Charles St. Dizier asked them to listen carefully and hold the state to the burden of proving guilt beyond a reasonable doubt.

The victim testified she knew Goudeau and had asked him for a ride when, on the way to her destination, he said his car had overheated and convinced her to walk with him to get help-- but then took her into the woods.

Pictures of the victim at the hospital were shown to the jury so they could see the injuries she suffered.  Prosecutors showed the jury pictures of the victim at the hospital,  so jurors could see the injuries she suffered.

Jurors watch suspect interview

On Monday afternoon, jurors watched a DVD taped recording of an interview Goudeau had with detectives. In the video, Goudeau said he and the victim were attacked by a group of men who pulled up behind them in a Jeep. Goudeau said he tried helping the woman, but feared for his own safety and ran away to get help.

"They wanted her," said Goudeau. "I was trying to save my own hide."

While the video played, Goudeau sat quietly in the courtroom.

The video was one of more than 130 pieces of evidence presented by the state on Monday.

The video lasts only about 20 minutes. It ended when Goudeau refused to answer any more of the detectives questions unless an attorney was present.

Goudeau has been held in the Calcasieu Parish Jail with bond set at $6 million.

The trial resumes Friday morning.

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