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Judge says evidence adequate, Williams held on no bond

LAKE CHARLES, LA (KPLC) - A judge has ruled that there is adequate evidence to hold Lee Roy Williams in connection with the Labor Day weekend quadruple murder.

Judge Kent Savoie ruled the evidence was adequate to hold Williams, and he also ordered him to be held without bond until trial.

Savoie said considering that following the alleged offense, Williams fled to Baton Rouge, did not surrender, had a standoff with police and was said to have possibly attempted suicide by police officer, he is satisfied that Williams may not only be a danger to others, but may be a risk to himself.

The following information comes from testimony given during Thursday's preliminary hearing:


UPDATE: 12:56 p.m.- On cross examination, defense attorney, Richard Bourke asked lead detective Mark Clark if he had a theory as to how Williams might have single handedly killed all 4 victims using multiple weapons.

Clark said they believe Kendrick was shot first, then Terry.  He says after the men were out of the way the two females would have been no problem.  When asked why Williams allegedly used different weapons Clark said, "I don't know.  Maybe he was just that angry." Clark admits if they get more evidence that theory could change.

A forensic scientist from state police lab in Baton Rouge concludes bloody foot prints found in the trailer were made by the size 15 boots, the same size Williams was wearing when he was arrested.  Adam Becnel testified an examination of Williams boots reveal individual, unique characteristics like a fingerprint, and that no other boot in the whole world could have made the right boot print found in blood in the trailer.


UPDATE: 12:28 p.m. - Detectives believe the victims were killed between 3:00 and 3:30 a.m. Saturday. When detectives from other divisions got involved, the narcotics detective remembered he had come into contact with Williams and photographed his vehicle, a blue Ford Explorer. 


As investigators started looking for Williams, testimony from lead detective Mark Clark reveals officer in Iowa discovered Williams had stayed at LaQuinta there that weekend.  They got surveillance video of Williams at motel, which also showed his vehicle.  Also, detectives told Williams had been asking for gas money for his car and offered someone a gun in exchange for gasoline. Williams said weapon was a .38 pistol. 


East Baton Rouge Sheriff's Office stopped Williams.  He did not surrender and refused to exit vehicle.  Three men with him exited vehicle and were told to lay down.  Williams attempted to flee by driving over a fence, and in process nearly ran over one of the men who had been in his vehicle, as well as a police officer.  

Testimony reveals man who had been in car with Williams had to be pulled out of way when Williams tried to flee. When vehicle got stuck, cops set up perimeter.  Williams finally came out of vehicle and acted as if he had a weapon. Police believe he may have wanted to commit suicide by getting police to shoot him.


UPDATE: 11:58 a.m.. - Further testimony from lead detective Mark Clark also revealed that Crystal Fruge's body was found in a bedroom and she was suffering multiple stab wounds and blunt force trauma as well as a single gunshot wound to the shoulder.

Jessica Eugene was found on her side suffering multiple stab wounds in the back. It was later determined she too suffered blunt force trauma.  

A bloody knife was recovered from the scene as well as a bloody baseball bat that may have been used to inflict the blunt force trauma.

Bloody footprints were also found at the scene and the detective said the footprints were consistent with boots recovered from Williams after his arrest.


UPDATE: 11:49 a.m. - During the hearing, a video was played of Williams giving a statement after he was taken into custody.

Williams tells how he was staying with Crystal Fruge and how he heard they were talking about "putting him out" and then later how Crystal said he had to get out now.

He also spoke of getting a gun from one of them in the trailer. "I snapped," Williams told detectives.  He said, "I got the gun and people were talking down to me...like I wasn't sh**." He said, "I told people to get out of my face."

At this point during the statement Williams then said "maybe I should have a lawyer here."


UPDATE: 11:20 a.m. - Details of the brutal killings are unfolding during the hearing. The lead detective in the case is testifying what was found when they entered the home. Kendrick Lavergne's body was found in a front bedroom. He was found suffering a gunshot wound.

The body of Terry Banks was found in the living room. He was found suffering a gunshot wound, blunt force trauma and multiple stab wounds.


UPDATE: 10:25 a.m. - During the hearing, the defense asked the court to order the state to record grand jury proceedings so that the defense can have the opportunity to review transcripts for any information that might be favorable to the defense.

District Attorney John Derosier says the state has no intention of recording the grand jury proceedings.

Judge Kent Savoie denied the defense's motion.

Defense Attorney Richard Bourke says he will consider whether to appeal the ruling.


UPDATE: 9:26 a.m. - A preliminary hearing is being held in state district court this morning for Lee Roy Williams, the man booked for four counts of first degree murder in connection with the brutal killings of two men and two women over Labor Day weekend at a home off of Highway 14.  

The hearing was requested by Williams' defense attorneys to determine whether there is adequate evidence to hold Williams for the killings.

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