Parish schools could see more food on its lunch trays

LAKE CHARLES, LA (KPLC)- After several weeks of smaller food portions in Calcasieu Parish's school cafeterias, there could be more food on your child's lunchroom tray.

This summer, the school system decided to cut back on its serving size while continuing to remain in compliance with the state's food lunch program. It's all part of a four point one million dollar deficit in the school lunch program. "We were directed by the board to get that back in line to where the board wouldn't have to subsidize out of the general fund, said Gary Anderson, Asst. Superintendent for Calcasieu Parish Schools.

According to state officials the parish was serving double what the USDA requires, thus school officials chose to cut back on the amount of food served on the students' trays.

This angered some parents, and on Tuesday, school board members decided to give Superintendent Wayne Savoy the power to decide if tapping into a reserve fund is necessary to provide adequate meal portions to students. "We don't want the food services department to say we can't serve anymore, we don't have the money in the budget to do so," said school board member Joe Andrepont.

Superintendent Savoy will begin looking at the food services charts to decide how they will improve the servings while staying on a budget.

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