Calcasieu students tune in to President Obama's education speech

By Crystal Price - bio | email

LAKE CHARLES, LA (KPLC) - Lake area students said they took away encouraging advice from President Obama's second annual back-to-school speech from Philadelphia on Tuesday afternoon.

The entire study body at Oak Park Elementary School in Lake Charles tuned in to President Obama's message that encouraged students to set high goals and stay focused in school.

"I think this is a great opportunity for them to see not only a role model, but to see a person who is just as diverse as the students that we are in America's nation," said Mr. William Bundy, a 4th grade teacher at Oak Park.

"Diversity" served as a strong topic within the speech as the President urged students to look at themselves and see what great things they can do that can set them a part from their classmates.

"Not only is diversity important, but it's also very important that our students take the task of the opportunities that are here," said Bundy.

President Obama's message opened the minds of a few Oak Park students to some short term goals.

"My goal is to work hard and to pass the I-LEAP test," said Caitlyn Carter, a 5th grade student at Oak Park.

Other students at Oak Park set a few long term ambitions after watching the speech.

"The speech shows that you could end up becoming the President of the United States," said Rena Trent, a 4th grade student at Oak Park.

And even if students do not meet the highest of those goals, Trent said she learned how important it is to try things that at first may see impossible.

"I think he's trying to tell us that it's okay no matter what and that what you need to do is try and try hard because you never know when something special might come to you," said Trent.

Students in Mr. Bundy's 4th grade class at Oak Park Elementary are still not completely finished with the President's speech.

The students have been instructed to write an essay on what they learned from the back-to-school message.

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