Renovations underway at Grand Lake High

By Crystal Price - bio | email

GRAND LAKE, LA (KPLC) - Renovations are underway at Grand Lake High School as a result of left over FEMA money from Hurricane Rita.

Crews began re roofing Grand Lake High school during the summer and now officials claim they're making good progress.

"Right now they're changing the entire roofing and all of the upper windows that are attached to the roof," said Stephanie Rodrigue, Superintendent of Cameron Parish Schools.

Officials have also decided to expand the gym and make more room for seating.

"There are two gyms here and neither of them met the LHSA requirement for seating," said Rodrigue. "When it is finished we'll be able to seat double what we could before."

Rodrigue said this would not be possible without help from left over FEMA money that was not used to rebuild three school buildings in lower Cameron Parish.

"Once FEMA aligned that process for us to be able to move those funds we moved those funds here to Grand Lake," said Rodrigue. "That is going to pay for the entire renovation of the older part of the school."

Rodrigue said this northern parish school has seen a drastic increase in enrollment over the years.

"There was quite a move when some of the coastal families moved to this area after Hurricane Rita and Ike," said Rodrigue.

Now as more students attend Grand Lake High, the school is in need of added space to accommodate the rising population of students.

"Here we didn't have the damages but we certainly had the opportunity to upgrade when the funding was there," said Rodrigue. "We're just very happy to be able to provide all of this not only for the students and their families now but for the future families of Grand Lake High School."

School officials are hoping to begin constructing additional buildings later this year.

Officials also said they hope to wrap up the construction projects by the end of this school year.

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