Shrimp sales slow as fall season begins

By Crystal Price - bio | email

CAMERON, LA (KPLC) - The fall shrimp season has not yet brought relief to area shrimpers as less consumers are purchasing their crop.

While the price of shrimp remains steady at $3.50 a pound, commercial fishermen in Cameron Parish said the consumer cash flow is down this August.

Shrimpers claim they are usually able to sell 200 to 300 pounds of shrimp this time of year, but lately they've been selling approximately 25 pounds instead.

The salesmen believe this slump in sales comes from a fear consumers have of purchasing the shrimp because of the oil spill.

"Everyone asks if the shrimp have oil on them and the answer is always no," said Judy Dyson, a shrimp salesperson from Cameron. "If there were oil on them you would be able to see it."

Dyson also reiterates that all of their shrimp must be tested before they can be put out to be commercially sold, and all of the waters have been declared safe by the FDA.

"Once the waters were open that means that the sea life and the marine life is safe," said Dyson.

Dyson hopes cash flow will increase soon so that the shrimping livelihood in Cameron Parish will persevere.

"People here in Louisiana love shrimp, and the shrimp is perfectly good to eat," said Dyson. "We're here again and our shrimp is beautiful and ready to be sold."

The fall shrimp season started on August 16th and continues through December 21st.

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