Louisiana not yet affected by egg recall

By Brandon Troullier - bio | email

LAKE CHARLES, LA (KPLC) - The nationwide egg recall is continuously spreading and at least ten states have been impacted by this outbreak, but fortunately, Louisiana isn't one of them.

So far the state has yet to have any reports of salmonella caused by bad eggs and the state Department of Agriculture and Forestry says they are constantly having personnel track the bad eggs to keep them from getting into Louisiana.

The recall could possibly see an excess of half a billion bad eggs, which could cause the price of eggs to increase.  State officials recommend that when you're buying eggs, check them thoroughly, and look for the plant number on the side of the carton.  If it reads P-1026 or P-1663, do not use those eggs and discard them.

The state is confident that in the next three weeks, all the bad eggs will be located and either destroyed or no longer in the market.

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