A preview of the Young at Heart Expo

Youth brings energy, but age brings wisdom. Taking care of your health throughout life can be time-consuming and expensive, but coming up this Thursday is a free way to stay healthy and have fun too.

Cholesterol, glucose, cataracts and blood pressure are just a few of the screenings offered at the Young at Heart Expo. These tests could save a life at any age.

Last year nearly 3,000 people came out and this year they have doubled the amount of free glucose and cholesterol screening kits to 500. Screenings start at 7:30am, so come early and be prepared by fasting for at least four hours to get an accurate sugar level reading. Do not worry, you will not leave hungry! McDonald's will have free food to chow down on after a screening test.

After completing your screening test you can enjoy the many booths offering financial advice, more screening tests, healthcare advice, live music and much more. Also over 20 seminars will be taking place throughout the day on topics like travel, nutrition, and security gardening.

The Young at Heart Expo starts at 7:30am and lasts until 2pm on Thursday, August 26th at the Lake Charles Civic Center.