Jeff Davis 8: One year since last body found

By Theresa Schmidt - bio | email

JEFF DAVIS PARISH, LA (KPLC) - It's been one year since the body of Necole Guillory was found along I-10 in Acadia  Parish.  She is the 8th woman from Jeff Davis Parish among those whose mysterious deaths are under investigation by a multi agency task force.

And while law officers investigating the deaths say a multi-agency task force has made progress, as far as forensic evidence, Sheriff Ricky Edwards says they cannot reveal their findings to the public because it could hurt the case.

It was 2005 when the series of deaths that appear to be connected began.

Guillory was reported missing the same day her body was found.  As investigators began to track her movements and who she was last seen with there were reports she was last seen getting into a vehicle on Doyle Street.  No word as to who she may have been with but at the time Jennings Police Chief Johnny Lassiter said she and the other women were evidently in the company of someone they did not fear.  Lassiter said this time last year, "We feel obviously that it's somebody these women are comfortable getting into the vehicles with or otherwise this wouldn't be happening and it's hard to tell somebody be extremely careful of who you're dealing with."

On this, the one year anniversary since her body was discovered, her mother and sister visited her grave.  They sit next to her tomb talking quietly and shedding tears.  Says Necole's sister Jessica Guillory, "I believe she's with God and that's the best place you can go. And she's free. I think she's away from all the pain. She has no more problems. She doesn't have to worry about anything no more."

An autopsy concluded Necole had been asphyxiated.  Barbara Jean Guillory, Necole's mother, poses a question on this one year anniversary.  "Who can kill eight girls in a small town and (there be) no evidence? You know what I mean?"

Necole died less than two weeks before her 27th birthday becoming the eighth in the series of mysterious deaths involving women whose bodies have been dumped mostly in rural Jeff Davis parish.  All of the deaths are being treated as homicides. Jean says Necole seemed to know she wouldn't make it to her birthday. "I asked Necole, I said. 'What kind of icing you want on your cake? She said, 'Mom it doesn't matter, 'cause I'm not going to be here for my birthday.' She said, 'I won't see my birthday.'"

Jean believes Necole and the others may have been killed because of what they knew."We would ask her and she just wouldn't say anything. It was like she was scared or didn't want to say anything. Her thing to us was, 'Mama, the less you know the better off you are. I think she saw something or knew something and I think they didn't want her to talk."

They urge anyone with information that could solve the mystery to come forward. Part of Jean's urgency is that she's afraid there will be more victims. "Because I feel in my heart that it's going to continue and they might be the next."

Jean and Jessica speak openly about Necole's drug addiction. They hope that Necole's troubled life and death may in some way inspire others to avoid dangers that could lead them down a similar path. Says Jessica, "All the girls are always in our prayers. We always think about them. All eight of them."

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