EPA gives Mossville water system a clean bill of health

By Adam Hooper - bio | email

MOSSVILLE, LA (KPLC) - On Monday the EPA met with Mossville residents to discuss their findings relative to the cleanliness of the water system. The EPA surveyed and tested the water in Mossville at residential locations, in the well before filtration, after filtration, and surface water in the area. The EPA did uncover some issues surrounding the system, but none of them were a threat to human life. Some of the issues include the small staff, consisting of one operator, to test, check, repair and report any concerns. Another issue is funding. The Mossville system costs more to operate than the revenue it brings in. And, another problem is the naturally occurring manganese and iron found in the water well supply.

"Those are not of health concern, but they are a nuisance," said Blake Adkins with the EPA.

The EPA said the Mossville water system and operation gets a clean bill of health. But, despite all of the scientific data provided by the  EPA, and after all of the tests were taken, Mossville residents still believe industry is making them sick, and industry needs to pay.

"Why don't industry get a team, and come here, and take care of what they are doing, that's causing people to die," said one upset Mossville resident.

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