Khoury house's move to Historic District complete

By Jason Belk - bio | email

LAKE CHARLES, LA (KPLC) - The process of moving the John J. Khoury house that has been located on Lakeshore Drive since the early 1900's to the Historic District on Pujo Street is finally complete.

For the move, the house was divided into different sections and transported to it's new location.

"It's sitting here on it's new foundation, it's new lot. There's a 150 year old oak tree sitting right behind me. The house is back together, screwed back together. It's much better than it was before," said Randy LeJeune, owner of Rhino Renovators, who are in charge of the move and renovations.

The completion of the home's move to it's final resting spot on Pujo Street adds to already Historical District that is so important to the city of Lake Charles

"There have been three people from the Khoury family that was born inside this house and they're still residents of Lake Charles, so that in itself, to keep this prominent family home preserved and in Lake Charles in the Historic District is just something that we needed to do," said LeJeune.

The Historic District the house now sits in is also home to a large number of buildings and houses with just as much rich tradition.

The district has become an area that attracts people from all over to experience the unique Lake Charles architecture.

"There's always walking tours, there's maps that you can buy that will tell you a little bit of history about each house as you walk down the streets. Kirby Street and Pujo Street are probably the heart of the Historic District, so it's most important that we move some of these important buildings and strategically place them in important areas, and one of them is this property," said LeJeune.

With the Khoury house now sitting in the Historic District with so many homes like it, a piece of Lake Charles history has been saved for all to share.

All construction and renovations on the home are expected to be completed in around 9 months to a year if the weather cooperates.

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