38-year-old McDonald's travels back in time

LAKE CHARLES, LA (KPLC) - The McDonalds fast food restaurant on Prien Lake Road has been open since 1972, and Sunday marks the last day before it will be closed and rebuilt.

To celebrate, on Sunday only, prices on the menu traveled back in time to the original prices from the 70's.

The building process is set to begin this Wednesday, and is expected to be completed before Thanksgiving of this year.

Workers at the McDonald's on Prien Lake Road will be sent to other stores across the city until the new facilities are completed.

Here is a look at some of the prices...

Fries: Regular (49 cents) Medium (89 cents)

Soft Drinks: 12oz (49 cents), 16oz (69 cents), 22oz (89 cents)

Hamburger: 49 cents

Cheeseburger: 59 cents

Double cheeseburger: 89 cents

Quarter Pounder: 89 cents

Big Mac: 99 cents

Filet-o-Fish: 99 cents

6-piece McNuggets: 99 cents

Shakes: 99 cents

Apple Pies: 49 cents

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