Vinton man arrested for forcing boys to smoke pot

Anthony Lisotta, Jr. (Source: CPSO)
Anthony Lisotta, Jr. (Source: CPSO)

By Theresa Schmidt - bio | email

VINTON, LA (KPLC) - A Vinton man was arrested on Wednesday after an investigation by authorities found he allegedly smoked marijuana in front of two boys before making them smoke some.

No doubt many people will ask, "What was he thinking?" when they hear about Tony Lisotta of Vinton.

Children are not just little adults when it comes to most things, including smoking marijuana. Calcasieu Sheriff's Deputies have arrested Lisotta for allegedly smoking pot in front of boys ages 8 and 11 and then forcing them to smoke.  The investigation was triggered when the eight year old complained of chest pains and was taken to the hospital.

He was treated and released but Sheriff Tony Mancuso says it could have been a lot worse. "In today's times, in my opinion, in the drug culture you don't know what you're getting, unless you grow it yourself and cultivate it yourself and process it yourself. You don't know when you buy it from a dope dealer what they're putting in this dope and what it's laced with, what it's cut with. There are so many harmful effects that could take place, it's very scary."

Some users try to argue that marijuana is not really harmful. But Pediatrician Dr. Anatole Karpovs disagrees. "If a child is smoking and they get very scared or upset they can have hyperventilation, they can have panic attacks. Anybody who smokes pot, especially for long periods of time can have a lot of health consequences, long term problems with memory. It causes decreased ability to think clearly."

As well smoke is an irritant and can cause breathing difficulties especially for those with asthma and when it comes to children he says the mood altering effects could be very upsetting explains Karpovs.  "Specific concerns about children is that their personality, their mind is not quite as developed as an adult so many times if their consciousness is altered they don't understand why and it can be extremely scary for a young child."

Lisotta was booked in to jail for illegal drug use in front of persons under 17 and two counts of cruelty to a juvenile. Judge David Ritchie set Lisotta's bond at $175,000s and at last word he was still behind bars.

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