McNeese to perform biological survey at Tuten Park

The following is a news release from the City of Lake Charles:

The City of Lake Charles and McNeese State University recently entered into an agreement allowing for a Biological Survey at Tuten Park to be conducted by members of the Department of Biology and Health Sciences at McNeese.  Under the supervision of faculty, McNeese students will also be participating in the Survey.  According to Dr. Mark Wygoda, head of the McNeese Department of Biology and Health Sciences and professor of zoology, this is a multi-year project that will involve observations and collections under both daytime and nighttime conditions and at various stages of the calendar year.

The Biological Survey will result in the identification of macroscopic animal life (mammal, bird, reptile, amphibian, insect, spider, snail, etc.) and plant life (tree, shrub, grass, moss fern, wildflower, etc.) throughout Tuten Park and will provide useful information to the City to be used in furthering its informational and educational goals for the park

The Survey is scheduled to begin sometime this year and continue until completed.  The City will allow access to Tuten Park by designated McNeese personnel involved in the Survey and allow McNeese personnel to remove specimens from the Park when necessary for the purposes of identification and verification.

McNeese will provide a species inventory to the City and will publish, as appropriate, any worthy findings in recognized scientific journals.