Despite apology, NAACP asking police juror to resign

By Lee Peck - bio | email

DERIDDER, LA (KPLC) - Beauregard Parish Police Juror Rex Brumley publicly apologized for a racial slur he made last month. But it wasn't the apology the community wanted to hear. Despite Brumley's apology the NAACP is still asking for his resignation.

"I come before my fellow jurors to restate the apology and public acknowledgement that I'm truly sorry for improper language which I made between committee meetings this past July," said Brumley.

Brumley was referring to a comment he made on July 13th. Known for wearing hats, Brumley was said to be wearing a plaid fedora on that day. When asked by fellow jurors where he got the hat, Brumley replied, "From an n-----."

It's a statement that has not only offended but ignited racial tension in the community.

"Our intent is to make it unmistakably clear that the use of such derogatory terms under any situation is extremely distasteful, insulting, offensive and unacceptable," said Reverend J.L. McClain.

Representing the community and the NAACP, Rev. McClain submitted a letter of five requests to the police jury:

1.) Juror Rex Brumley not only apologize to those who were in the room, but the entire community for the racial slur he made on July 13th.

2.) Mr. Brumley make a full retraction of his statement.

3.) In a show of good faith: Mr. Brumley resign.

"Mr. Brumley should voluntarily vacate the office of police juror - effective immediately," said Rev. McClain.

4.) If he chooses to not resign voluntarily. Jurors should take the proper steps to put Brumley on suspension without pay for no less than 90 days.

5.) And because Parish Government doesn't have the same ethical standards as state and federal officials: The Beauregard Parish Police Jury should officially draft and include a standard of ethics that each juror should abide by.

McClain says the letter of requests was sent to the Police Jury last week and had expected a comment from the jury:

"We did receive your letter. We just haven't had a chance to talk about it yet with legal," said Beauregard Parish Police Jury President Teddy Welch. "I'm just asking everybody to work together and move on. It's unfortunate that it happened, but we need to move and keep working to move Beauregard Parish forward."

Following the meeting Brumley was quick to get his hat, but we managed to catch him before he left: When asked if he would resign he said, "no comment."

Despite his no comment, the NAACP had a lot to say.

"I feel that Mr. Butler did not apologize to the community. He only apologized to his constituents and I'm not pleased with that," said Geneva Butler, Beauregard Parish NAACP President.

And neither are his constituents. David and Brenda Iles voted for Brumley. "It's like a slap in the face," said David.

Rev. McClain also expressed disappointment in the police jury for not publicly responding to his letter of requests. "The have failed to get together and be prepared tonight and come forth to the public with a resolution. Mr. Welch says his interest to see this go away... This is not going to go away," said McClain.

Lee: "Do you think this is over?"

Brenda Isles: "I wish it was. He needed to make things right with the community when this first happened. I mean we all are capable of mistakes and errors, but he needs to be held accountable. "

Meanwhile Beauregard Parish Policy Jury President Teddy Welch says he plans to meet with the legal department within the next two days and get a written response to Rev. McClain and the NAACP as soon as possible.

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