Early voting starts Saturday for party primary

By Theresa Schmidt - bio | email

LAKE CHARLES, LA (KPLC) - Saturday, August 28th voters go to the polls for what they call a first party primary to decide which candidates will represent each party on November 2nd.

Generally Democrats vote the Democratic ballot, Republicans the Republican ballot and Libertarians their party's ballot.  However, both the Democrats and Libertarians have decided to let certain others vote in their primaries, whereas only Republicans can vote the Republican ballot as Calcasieu Registrar of Voters Angie Quienalty explains.  "Those voters that are registered as a Republican will vote for the Republican candidates. Those voters that are registered as a Libertarian will vote for the Libertarian candidates. Those voters that are registered as Democrats will vote for Democrat candidates."

In addition to that the Democratic Party and the Libertarian Party have opened their first party primary to voters who are non affiliated. Explains Quienalty, "Those voters that are registered as the Reform or Green will not be able to participate in this election."

Early voting starts Saturday for the August 28th election at the Registrar of Voters Office or at Sulphur City Council Chambers. "If you want to take care of that voting business come on in early. Remember to bring your ID with you here as well as on election day. If you have your voters identification card it helps us to process you a little bit faster. We don't anticipate long lines for this particular election but we still need processing time," said Quienalty.

And if the whole process seems confusing, no need to try too hard to make sense of it because this year legislature decided to do away with this particular closed party primary in the future.

Again, if you want to cast your ballot for the August 28th election,  Early Voting starts Saturday, August 14 and runs until the following Saturday, August 21,  from 8:30 am to 6:00 pm at the Calcasieu Registrar of Voters Office or Sulphur City Council Chambers.

Other election dates for local candidates and issues are October 2nd and November 2nd for congressional.

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