Three juveniles arrested for truck burglary

By Brandon Richards - bio | email

MOSS BLUFF, LA (KPLC) – Calcasieu Parish Sheriff Deputies have arrested three juveniles for theft and burglary.

Deputies said two 15-year-olds and a 16-year-old were booked into the Juvenile Detention Center after each of them admitted to participating in the burglary of a truck at a residence on Crawford Drive.

On Aug. 5th, authorities said the teens were spotted rummaging through a pick-up truck at around 11:45 p.m.

Deputies searched the area and eventually found one of the teens, who confessed and lead deputies to the other two teens.

Deputies said a car stereo and lap top were taken from the truck.

The car stereo has been recovered.

The lap top has not.

This incident is only the most recent burglary in that neighborhood.

Jean Foux, a resident in the neighborhood, reported her truck burglarized a few months earlier.

Foux said she went out to get the newspaper one morning when she noticed the door to her pick-up truck was open.

"I went on in the house and asked my husband if he had been out yet. He said no," recalled Foux. "We looked inside. The door was open and his console, someone had went through it. The visor had been pulled down and [there was] paper all over the floor and everywhere."

Foux also said a bicycle belonging to a member of her family was also taken around the same time period.

Foux and her husband have lived in the neighborhood for five years and have never experienced any crime until this incident a few months ago.

Foux hopes her neighbors will keep an eye out for each other.

Foux also advises everyone in the neighborhood to lock the doors on their vehicles and make sure their garage doors are closed.

Anyone living in Moss Bluff who believes their vehicle has been burglarized is asked to call Calcasieu Parish Sheriff's Office Detective Darrell Fontenot at 491-3625.

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