Permanent fix for dentures

By Elizabeth Temple - bio | email

LAKE CHARLES, LA (KPLC) – You may have heard of implants, but your first thought may not be implants for your mouth. Dentures are remove-able teeth which can look real, but Dr. Daniel Domingue, a Dentist at The Robinson Dental Group, says some people complain they feel loose.

"That technology is so old I mean George Washington had dentures. They didn't have implants back then," said Dr. Domingue.

Lacie Corbello has a beautiful smile, but you cannot see a molar in the back of her mouth pulled because of infection. The hole left prevents her from chewing on that side.

"Now without the tooth there, my teeth are shifting and I don't want them to move anymore. I'd like to keep my smile," explained Corbello.

Lacie will have an anchor put in to secure a new tooth implant. The procedure only takes about 30 minutes, but the difference one tooth can make is life changing.

"People can chew steaks now that they weren't able to chew...they can tear into sandwiches...the way people speak it changes their tone of voice... they're more confident when they go out in public," said Dr. Domingue.

Right after the procedure, Lacie went back to work.  While she only had one tooth replaced, implants can actually fill an entire mouth.

"We can take out all their teeth, let them heal, and then replace all their teeth with dental implants," explained Dr. Domingue.

A whole smile is one thing, but just one tooth implant, without any complications, can run you $3000 out of pocket. However, some insurance companies may cover part of that cost.

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