Crackdown on Crime - Robbery update & Car Keyed

By Lee Peck - bio | email

LAKE CHARLES, LA (KPLC) - It's one of those crimes that if it happens to you - often times you can't prove it. While that's the case most of the time - this victim just got really lucky. Last Friday night surveillance video at the Home Furniture parking lot shows three friends getting into their white Nissan Maxima. The female of the group is seen clearly asking the driver of the car for the keys. She takes the keys and is seen scraping them across what appears to be an older model Saab before they all get into the car.

Sgt. Mark Kraus says it proves you never know who is watching.

"The victim in this case may not know their car was keyed. Even without a victim we will still move forward in cases to at least identify these people, notify the victim if we can find out in fact who that person is. And prosecute those people for criminal damage to property. I can't figure out or can this office figure out why someone would want to key someone else's car. It's a shallow crime that says a lot about the character of the person that did so," said Sgt. Kraus.

Investigators say if the property damage is more than 500 dollars the suspect is facing a felony charge.

Now to an update to a double armed robbery we told you about two weeks ago. One of the robberies happened on July 14th, the other on July 16th. Police now believe the same masked man has hit up a third convenience store since our story aired. Surveillance video from the first robbery shows the suspect's violent nature.

"We know in past history and throughout the law enforcement circles the more someone involves themselves in an armed robbery with a weapon - in this case a gun - the more chances he has to make a mistake or intentionally harm someone," said Kraus.

The suspect is described as standing approximately six foot four, and weighing around 170 pounds.

Crime Stoppers is putting money behind both of these cases for information that leads to an arrest. The number to call 439-2222.

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