Beauregard Police Juror responds about racial slur

By Lee Peck - bio | email

DERIDDER, LA (KPLC) - Despite calls to resign by the NAACP, Beauregard Parish Police Juror Rex Brumley refuses to step down after a racial slur he made before a meeting on July 13th.

Brumley was apparently wearing a plaid fedora. When asked by fellow jurors where he got the "ugly hat," Brumley replied, "From a n-----."

Since then the NAACP has stepped in saying they'll take the issue all the way to the state level if Brumley doesn't resign.

Before Tuesday night's agenda meeting we stopped in to see what Mr. Brumley had to say:

LEE: Do you have a comment on the NAACP's call for you resign?

BRUMELY: I don't have no comments. What does it take to get you to...  nevermind.

LEE: You don't want to apologize? How do you think this is going to affect your ability to perform as a police juror?

BRUMLEY: I've already apologized publicly in the paper.

LEE: Okay, well this is the TV - did you want to apologize where a lot more people will see it?

BRUMLEY: No I will do it when I'm supposed to. Now just leave me alone right now.

Several fellow jurors tell 7 News they're not going to let a slip of the tongue divide their community and say Brumley has asked to publicly apologize before the next full meeting.

"He asked to be put on public participation for the August 10th meeting and make a statement," said Beauregard Parish Police Jury President Teddy Welch.

Still many in the community and with the NAACP filled the seats for the chance that apology might come at Tuesday night's agenda meeting. However, it was business as usual.

As for the NAACP, they declined to comment but said they'll be present come next Tuesday night.

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