How can firemen deal with the heat?

By Jason Belk - bio | email

LAKE CHARLES, LA (KPLC) - They're the men who run in a burning building when everyone else is running out.

For firefighters, it's not only the flames they're fighting, but also the heat inside their suits.

"Whenever we're at these scenes at this time of year, we not only have to protect other people's homes, but we have to protect ourselves, so that we're able to go to a next scene or another scene that might happen later that night," said Captain Jeremy LeBlanc, with the Lake Charles Fire Department.

These men can not let the hundred degree heat affect their performance, because lives are depending on it.

"You have to take out of your mind how hot you are and just get the job done. You need to go in there and extinguish this fire, you need to go in there and help this family or these people, because somebody's life or somebody's property is in jeopardy," said LeBlanc.

For these firemen, their job isn't about the glory, it's about being there for the community.

"People work hard for what they have, and I'd like to know that there's someone out there to protect me, and somebody is out there to save my property in case an accident ever occurs," said LeBlanc.

These men are certainly doing everything they can to beat the heat and help serve Lake Charles.

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