Jindal: Oil spill damage not exaggerated

by Brandon Richards bio | email

DERIDDER, LA (KPLC-TV) – Louisiana Governor Bobby Jindal joined incoming BP CEO Bob Dudley in rejecting the notion from an article appearing in a national publication that damage from the oil spill has been exaggerated.

Michael Grunwald, an environmental reporter from Time Magazine, spoke with scientists from Louisiana. The scientists quoted in the article said the oil spill was not as catastrophic as some would have the rest of the country believe.

Honoring veterans in Beauregard Parish on Friday, Jindal said he agreed with what Dudley said earlier in the day, that anyone who does not think damage from the oil spill was catastrophic needs to visit coastal Louisiana.

"When you look at the hundreds of miles of Louisiana's coastline that were oiled, when you look at the tremendous impact [we've] had for several weeks now, fishermen have not been able to go out and earn a living. You now have a moratorium that's putting thousands of people out of work. This has been a tremendous challenge, not only for our state, but literally the entire Gulf of Mexico," said Jindal.

Jindal met with BP and Coast Guard officials on Thursday, a day before BP announced publicly it would be scaling back its cleanup efforts as part of its overall long-term strategy for dealing with areas affected by the oil along the Gulf Coast.

Jindal described the meeting as "contentious" but "productive."

Jindal said he wanted to make sure BP was committed to Louisiana for the long-term.

"It's only done for us when they cleanup our wetlands, cleanup our ecosystem, so we can go back to our way of life, the way it was before the spill," said Jindal.

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