Drivers afraid of objects being dropped from overpass

By Crystal Price - bio | email

LAKE CHARLES, LA (KPLC) - Recent reports of debris thrown from a lake area overpass onto Interstate 10 has drivers fearful when making trips on the interstate.

The Lake Charles Police Department first reported on Thursday that dangerous objects were thrown from the Highway 171 overpass onto Interstate 10 earlier in the week.

While the suspect or suspects are still at large, the District Attorney's Office is reminding everyone of the penalties that come with committing this crime.

John Derosier, District Attorney for Calcasieu Parish, said there are two criminal statutes for throwing objects from on overpass.

These statutes include aggravated criminal damage to property and aggravated obstruction of a highway; each statute carries up to 15 years in prison.

"It's serious because as you can expect throwing a device at a fast moving automobile can be very dangerous to the driver or passenger inside and can cause serious danger, injury, or death," said Derosier.

Although penalties are in place for this crime, drivers who constantly travel Interstate 10 are still fearful when going under the overpass.

James Cobble, a truck driver from New Orleans, makes frequent trips on Interstate 10.

Cobble said a few years ago his truck was struck by a brick that someone had thrown from an overpass when he was traveling in Connecticut.

"Just like anything it's a surprise and you're not ready for it," said Cobble.

After this experience Cobble said the best advice is to always be on guard.

"I'm very observant now," said Cobble. "I mean I watch everyone around me and above me because you just don't know anymore."

If you have any information on the recent objects thrown from the Highway 171 overpass, please call Crime Stoppers at (337) 439-2222.

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