Cool jobs can't beat the heat

By Tiffany Blackmon - bio | email

LAKE CHARLES, LA (KPLC) – It's so hot outside, not even the ice man can beat the heat…and that's no joke.

"Everyone's like you must have a really cool job you work with ice, but it's not. It's hot, it's really hot," said Jared West, owner of Krystal Ice and Water.

In the sweltering heat the guys of Krystal Ice sweat it out to keep others cool.

"Road crews, pipelines, anywhere where they need water to hydrate their men," said West.

Krystal Ice and Water deliver 85 lbs. jugs full of water and ice to those on the job outside. Employees also move 320 lbs. loads of mini ice palates to their trucks, which they deliver to gas stations and other stores.

West stated, "It's a real physical job, bagging ice, stacking ice, [and moving it on a dolly]. We're outside most of the time, the only place its cold is where the ice is."

The only relief from the heat is temporary and it's inside a closed storage trailer where the temperature is only about twenty degrees.

"It feels good for a spilt second, but whenever you sweat a lot and you go in there it gets kind of rough," said West.

If it's too cold inside and too hot outside, where can the Krystal Ice guys cool off?

"Hopefully in the air condition in the truck," said West.

The temperature is just right on the way to make deliveries, but if given a choice between extreme cold or the summer heat, the ice men prefer the heat any day.

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